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About LocalLuvs

1. Our Mission
Our mission is simple. We help local residents find new places to explore and travelers find the best of our town. Our target audience is anybody seeking to experience the best local businesses. Many LocalLuvs℠ users seek a new eatery, or other form of entertainment, or they are in an unfamiliar town.

2. How
LocalLuvs℠ polls locals and awards businesses based upon these polls. This keeps our site fresh while providing visitors a place to find the best local businesses and entertainment. We hope you enjoy our site and please provide a review of all businesses you visit.

3. Get Started
Above select the state you live in, once you have your state we'll present you with a list of communities select the community you live in and press the Go Button. This will take you to that communities where you can browse or search for your favorite businesses.

4. We reward voters
When you register and vote your automatically entered into to our yearly drawing. Each year we give away prizes to voters. We randomly draw winners from everyone who voted, and award prize from a $50 gift card to an Ipad. Make sure your vote!

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